"It was Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac who inspired me at first."
-- Bob Dylan 1978 --

Civil Rights

"I might have been a protest singer, but I've never been into politics."
-- Bob Dylan 1984 --

Folk Music

"There was a clique, you know.
Folk music was a strict and rigid establishment."

-- Bob Dylan 1985 --

Music Business

"You can only make the records as good as you can
and hope they sell."

-- Bob Dylan 1990 --


"I see creation just about everywhere.
The highest form of song is prayer."

-- Bob Dylan 1976 --


"... a flying saucer landed... that's what the 60s were like.
Everybody heard about it, but only a few really saw it."

-- Bob Dylan --

Specific People

"Oh, ev'ry thought that's strung a knot in my mind,
I might go insane if it couldn't be sprung.
But it's not to stand naked under unknowin' eyes,
It's for myself and my friends my stories are sung."

-- Bob Dylan 1964 --

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