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Title: This Wheel's on Fire: Levon Helm and the Story of the Band

Morrow, 1993

Description: 320 p.

Notes: History of The Band as told by their drummer. Lots of information about Dylan working with the Band, although some of it second-hand, as Helm left the group during the period that included the '66 Tour and the Basement Tapes. Dylan recommends the book on the back, saying it is written "by one of the true heroes of my generation. You've got to read this." Helm discussed his book, as well as Hoskyn's book, in an interview with Tony Norman in On The Tracks; Iss #3, Spring 1994, p. 40-42.

[ Helm was interviewed in Telegraph 18, Winter 1984. ]

Subjects: Biography

ISBN: 0-688-10906-3

Review: by Steve Michel in On The Tracks; Iss #3, Spring 1994, p. 42.

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