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                  Good car to drive, after a war
"Read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall."
-- Bob Dylan 1965 --
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This bibliography, which currently includes 544 Dylan related books, was compiled for EDLIS by Ron Chester. He continues to expand it, and maintains this web version. The plan is for each book to have its own separate page, giving detailed information about that book, including at times, its table of contents and/or links to reviews or excerpts. Good examples of this approach are Shelton's No Direction Home, and Williams' Performing Artist. At this stage many items have incomplete information, and books to add are being discovered all the time. At this time, many of the books only have preliminary entries in the author and title indexes, but no separate pages with expanded information.

When this project began in March 1994, the original plan was to limit the bibliography to books, with magazines and other periodicals not included. Of course many of the "books" might be described by some as "booklets". The emphasis has also been on English language books, although some books in other languages have been included. It was felt a reasonably thorough job would be possible within the scope of these limitations. In fact, the original idea was that there couldn't be more than 30-50 books, and the task would be done in a few weeks. Hah!

By May 1996 a decision was made to take on a bit more. It was felt that Dylan's own words are especially important, perhaps even more important than some of the secondary material in the books. This led to the inclusion of Dylan interviews, press conferences, and radio & TV appearances, first documented in many cases in magazines or newspapers. The interviews page now includes a listing of over 250 different entries in this category, with notes about books that have provided reprints of some of them, as well as links to transcripts of over 60 of them elsewhere on the net. A listing of Dylan fanzines and related periodicals has also been compiled.

Thankfully, in July 1997 Jane Scales at Washington State University decided to compile a bibliography of magazine articles on Dylan. If you have a favorite article you would like to see included, be sure to send the citation her way.

The page listing Dylan's own works includes more than 85 songbooks, certainly not exhaustive, but a reasonable start. Links have also been provided for quickly accessing the lyrics to 394 Dylan songs elsewhere on the net, as well as links to 35 of Dylan's poems, liner notes, raps, and letters.

For those who are unable to obtain some of these books from their local bookstores or libraries, our online shop offers books, CD's and videos by and about Dylan and related artists.

There is plenty of work ahead, but the basic structure has been completed, and so the website is being made available, while work continues on cataloguing all the books as completely as possible. Additional information and suggestions are welcome, as well as contributions to the EDLIS archives. (A shameful plug, but it is much easier to thoroughly and accurately catalogue an item with it in hand.)

EDLIS - Table of Contents

This bibliography is organized by subject, author, and title. A listing of subject categories is first, followed by links for locating books by author name. Any book is only two clicks away, from anywhere in the bibliography. You can view listings of all the books in alphabetical order by either author name, or title. You can also search the bibliography by keyword. Books with links to reviews or excerpts are highlighted below. There will be many more of these in the future. Some links to related net resources are given at the end of this table of contents.

Those wanting to get an overview of the wide range of materials available on Dylan, might start by taking a look at the Essential Dylan book collection, as this highlights the best of the books in many different subject categories. More examples from a particular category can then be located by examining the subject categories below and the links to their books.

You can jump back to this Table of Contents from any page in the bibliography by clicking on the above book icon, which is at the bottom of all other pages. Each page also provides a shortcut for jumping to the author and title indexes, the keyword search, or to locate a book by the last name of the author. A minimum of graphics has been used to speed up the navigation from page to page as the site is explored.

Those with a browser that supports frames (e.g. Netscape 2.0 and higher) may find the frame edition of the bibliography easiest to use, as this allows access to both the author and title indexes while still viewing the contents of any other page in the bibliography.

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