"The highest purpose of art is to inspire. I live in my dreams,
I don't live in the actual world."

-- Bob Dylan 1978 --


"I had a teacher who was a conscious artist and he drilled it into me
to be a conscious artist, so I became a conscious artist."

-- Bob Dylan 1977 --

Lyrics & other writings

"Writing is such an isolated thing, you're in such an isolated frame of mind."
-- Bob Dylan 1988 --


"Songs are just thoughts. For the moment they stop time.
Songs are supposed to be heroic enough to give the illusion of stopping time."

-- Bob Dylan 1985 --

Dylan has published songbooks for nearly every official album, with the same title as the album, as well as many compiled from several albums. The following list is by no means complete, nor necessarily completely accurate. Those with identical or very similar titles are probably later reprints of the same songbook. Particularly with early songbooks there is a copyright notice on each separate song, but the name of the publisher or publication date of the songbook itself is not always stated. No one has compiled an exhaustive bibliography of Dylan songbooks. Many songbooks are still in print and can be purchased from this website.

Official Songbooks

Songbooks with other editors

Songbooks with incomplete information

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