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Hello fellow Bobfans,

I'm sending this general information to all Bobfans I've had contact with in the past year.

Up front I AM NOT A SALES PERSON FOR THIS PRODUCT but I am an enthusiastic Dylan fan who knows there are many just like myself who would LOVE this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently purchased a Dylan database product called DylanBase. It is produced in the UK by

Keith Charles Marsh
17 Stanley Road

I thought you might appreciate a few particulars of this product so here goes:

DylanBase is a DOS (nonWindows at present) product. Keith informs me that if orders picked up he would consider a Windows changeover.

SORRY MAC USERS it's PC only at present!

DylanBase seems to be a labor of love by a devoted fan/fans who have obviously spent many hours of research and digging for the information contained in the database.

DylanBase at present is in Version 2.0 w/2.1 & 2.2 bringing it up to December 1995 (it will be updated as needed, 2.1 & 2.2 are an additional 10 GBP, so consider that if you order and want the complete files).

DylanBase catagorizes:

All the above can be cross referenced as well. The individual shows have all known Dylan dialog noticed during a particular show. This dialog is listed beneath each song as it appeared.

As I am the first to order this product from the United States I can tell you that it cost me $98 which included a $30 bank fee, as well as the then current exchange rate which changes daily (check your newspaper). (This is the method I used, there are obviously others.)

See below for a few other specifics regarding ordering and preferences:

(below taken from a previous post by Ben Taylor)

1. Paying in USDollars:

- Amount: send 50 UKpound's worth to allow for (very high!) bank charges.

- Methods:

- USDollars in cash. This is VERY risky and NOT recommended!

- A cheque for USDollars, payable to Keith Marsh.

2. Paying in UKpounds

- Amount: 43 UKpounds (assuming Keith Marsh will incur NO bank charges when paying the money into the bank). I was told the amount should be 40 pounds plus two or three pounds for increased air mail postage as compared to UK and Europe. I interpreted this to be 43.

- Methods:

- 43 UKpounds in cash (again, NOT recommended!)

- a money order (aka. Sterling Draft?) for 43 UKpounds. This way you incur all the bank charges at your end. You can then be sure that what you send is what is received by Keith Marsh. No need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations, and extortion by British high street banks.

Hope this gets the juices flowing!

Feedback is welcome.

Best Regards,

===========================  Thanks Bob!  =============================

[Ben was responding to another RMD post ]
i'd rather do it myself than pay some greedy dude for what is probaly a lame ass program.

Some 'greedy dude'? You have a strange view of the world, my friend.

I would like to request in advance a copy of the fully featured 32-bit "Windows 95" database software you will be writing, please (we don't bother with boring old DOS 'round here - after all, no one else uses it). I assume, as is the case with DylanBase, you will be thoroughly researching the accuracy of all the data, cross referencing Michael Krogsgaard's "Positively Bob Dylan", Glen Dundas' "Tangled Up In Tapes", Heylin's new sessions book, Krogsgaards current article in "The Telegraph", Heylin's Stolen Moments and the countless fanzine articles from over the years regarding circulating tapes (including rumoured tapes). Plus, I hope you will be verifying the details of every recording against your own cassette copies (you do have a near-complete collection, don't you?) and including the timing of each and every track. I assume you will be including related non-Dylan performances as well (eg. Rolling Thunder) where appropriate? Please input details of your near-comprehensive video collection as well, grading the quality of each recording on a 1-10 scale, providing total running time and source information. And I trust you will not be overlooking musician data for each session and concert performance? With one click of the mouse I want to be able to call up a list of all sessions in which, say, Al Kooper took part, or all locations and dates at which any particular song I care to select was performed. How many times has Dylan performed in New York? I want to be able to look that up easily too. You won't of course forget to transcribe all spoken words at all concerts and appropriate studio sessions, even down to the minutest "thanks ev'rybody", will you? Please be sure to keep the software updated on a regular basis, incorporating new tape information as it arises. Oh, and I don't expect to pay a single penny for any of this - please put it on a Web page and I'll download it for free. Looking forward, thanks.

DOS, give me a break!

I hear ya, gimmie a break!

'just learned DOS too huh? Just for this project.
I hate GREED!
The fact that u cannot update the program yourself proves that this guy just wants to HOOK u, then every year sucker u for anothe 30lbs or whatever u call ur currency.
Hell with that!

Your much anticipated software will of course allow users to update the data themselves, completely avoiding the potential for disaster when your regular updates proceed to overwrite the user-defined changes.

Ben Taylor
Leeds, England

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===========================  Thanks Bob!  =============================

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