Title: Trust Your Heart

Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1987

Description: 275 p.; ill., 23 cm

Notes: An autobiography by Judy Blue Eyes. Written as a journal, she chronicles her successful career. Not a lot of Dylan content, but good background on the early music scene, from one who was there from the beginning of the folk music clubs. Tells of being with Dylan at Gerdes, and being awakened to the sound of Dylan singing Tambourine Man downstairs at Grossman's farm (her introduction to the song!). Other stories about the Farinas, Leonard Cohen (who made his performing debut on her insistence), Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills, and many others. Includes a discography of her albums, containing many covers of Dylan songs. No index.

Subjects: Autobiography

ISBN: 0-395-41285-4 hb $18.95

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