Title: Rock Wives: The Hard Lives and Good Times of the Wives, Girlfriends, and Groupies of Rock and Roll

New York: Beech Tree Books (Morrow), 1986 1st ed. (hb); also same, Book Club edition (pbk); also Beech Tree Books (Quill), 1986 (pbk)

Description: 270 p., 46 photographs, 21.5 cm

Notes: The author interviewed seventeen women and one man, who live(d) with rock stars, about their private lives with these public personalities. Each chapter includes a few pictures, a short biography and the reminiscences of these people. Of particular interest is the sixteen page chapter on Suze Rotolo, who is always referred to as 'Susan' Rotolo in this book. No great revelations here, or even juicy gossip; instead a rather pleasant telling of her story and memories. Her favorite bit of advice that Dylan gave her: "Never let anybody take up your space." It ends with her regrets about turning Dylan down (for her husband's sake) sometime in the mid-seventies, when he called her out of the blue and wanted to see her again. Looking back, she saw her decision, which was not based on her own feelings, as a violation of Dylan's advice. In the two nice photos of her by Harvey Wang, she looks very much like she did on the Freewheelin' cover, only the 40-something Suze ('Susan') is not beaming with love, as she was on Dylan's arm.

Subjects: Biography- Rock musicians wives/groupies

ISBN: 0-688-04386-0 (hb); 0-688-06766-5 Quill (pbk) $5.95; Book Club edition #04588


Acknowledgments ..... 7
Introduction ..... 11
Myra Lewis / Jerry Lee Lewis ..... 21
Lee Angel / Little Richard ..... 39
Susan Rotolo / Bob Dylan ..... 51
Claudette Robinson / Smokey Robinson ..... 67
Linda Lawrence Leitch / Brian Jones; Donovan Leitch ..... 77
Marilyn Wilson / Brian Wilson ..... 97
Anita Pallenberg / Brian Jones; Keith Richards ..... 109
Gail Zappa / Frank Zappa ..... 125
Patricia Kennealy / Jim Morrison ..... 139
Monika Dannemann / Jimi Hendrix ..... 155
Angie Bowie / David Bowie ..... 171
Ingrid Croce / Jim Croce ..... 185
Bebe Buell / Todd Rundgren; Rod Stewart; Elvis Costello; Stiv Bators ..... 195
Leslie Meat Loaf / Meat Loaf..... 211
Jo Howard / Ron Wood ..... 221
Carlene Carter / Nick Lowe ..... 237
Vera Ramone / Dee Dee Ramone ..... 249
David Wolff / Cyndi Lauper..... 259

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