Title: Woody Guthrie, a Life

New York: Ballantine Books, 1992, c. 1980; 1st Ballantine ed. Apr 1982

Description: 494 p.; 32 p. of ill.; 1st Ballantine: 476 p.

Notes: Biography written from secondary sources by a regular contributor to Rolling Stone & Esquire. Appears factual; presents Guthrie as a plain man with faults, often arrogant, but the father of the protest song. Has a 22 p. section on his relationship with Dylan, including a quote of Dylan's postcard to friends after meeting Woody ("I know Woody ... I know Woody ... I know him and met him and saw him and sang to him. I know Woody- Goddamn.") Also Woody's critique of Dylan ("That boy's got a voice... Maybe he won't make it with his writing, but he can sing it. He can really sing it.")

Subjects: Biography: Woody Guthrie

ISBN: 0-345-33519-8 (1992); 0-345-29628-1 (1982)

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