Title: Death of a Rebel: A Biography of Phil Ochs

New York: Franklin Watts, 1989

Description: 336 p., ports, 23.5 cm.

Notes: Revised and expanded edition of the only biography about Phil Ochs (first published in paperback in 1979 by Anchor Books). The dust jacket describes Ochs as "sixties rebel/social commentator/student activist/street socialist/poet/pop star and disturbed child of an America gone war-crazy and assassination-insane." Whew! Ochs was part of the Greenwich Village folk scene when Dylan was getting his start, and there is a lot of Dylan material in the book, including an Ochs letter to the Village Voice in 1965 defending Dylan's electric performance at the Newport, and dozens of other stories. This edition includes information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act from the FBI, showing how they kept him under surveillance for 13 years, from 1963 until his death. The ten page discography at the end shows that Dylan also appeared on three of the first four records Ochs was on, all of them folk compilation albums. Other books on Ochs can be found at the Phil Ochs website, as well as good links to other folk people.

[ An article entitled Phil Ochs on Bob Dylan was published in Telegraph 14. ]

Subjects: Biography, Phil Ochs 1940-1976

ISBN: 0-531-15111-5; HB $19.95

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