Title: On the Road with Bob Dylan: Rolling with the Thunder

New York: Bantam Books, June 1978

Description: 414p., 16 p. of plates; ill, ports; 18 cm.

Notes: This book provides an extraordinary account of the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue, written by a journalist for Rolling Stone who was in Greenwich Village when Dylan had the idea for the tour. and was invited by Dylan to chronicle it. The result is a detailed account of the tour, including reviews of the shows, backstage scenes, after show parties, the filming of Renaldo & Clara, and numerous interviews with Dylan, Sara, Dylan's mother, and most of the other performers. Sloman was treated as a friend by both Dylan and the other musicians, and was given unprecedented access. No other book gives a closer view of Dylan on tour.

Long out of print and difficult to find, this book is highly recommended and definitely worth searching out. Even Dylan reviewed it well, calling it "the War and Peace of rock & roll." The only disappointment is that the book lacks an index, so it is difficult to locate those favorite passages that you later recall having read somewhere in the book.

Sloman discussed the book in interviews in Telegraph 17, and with Mitchell Blank in On The Tracks; Iss #2, Fall/Winter 1993, p. 30-35.

Subjects: History: Rolling Thunder Revue

ISBN: 0-553-11641-X (pbk) $2.50 OP

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