Title: The Bob Dylan Concordance

Grand Junction, CO, Rolling Tomes, Inc. June 1992

Description: 153 p.; 23 cm.

Notes: Provides a comprehensive concordance to 8,754 different words in the Lyrics book, plus songs on more recent albums released through Under the Red Sky. If you ever wondered what song that line stuck in your head came from, this book is for you. An excellent companion to the 'official' lyric book, and a great resource for fans of Dylan's writing. One disadvantage to the format of this concordance is that the word being looked up is not shown in the context of a few words before it and after it in the song, as with most concordances. Perhaps such a format would have required copyright clearance that could not be obtained. The result is that a number of songs may need to be checked before the line being sought is located. This is inconvenient, but it is still much faster than a random search through the Lyrics book for a particular line.

Subjects: Reference

ISBN: 0-9635031-0-3

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