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Title: Bob Dylan: Stolen Moments: The Ultimate Reference Book

Romford, Essex: Wanted Man, 1988. hb & pbk.

Description: 424 p.; 24 cm.

Notes: Detailed chronology of Dylan's life & career, up to Oct 1988. Followed by a separate listing of the release dates of Dylan material; such as albums, films, TV & radio appearances, interviews & press conferences, and the copyright dates of songs from 1961 through 1987. Also contains five appendices listing Dylan acetates, film appearances, songs omitted from the Lyrics book, songs written, and the missing audience recordings. Concludes with an index of songs. A massive compilation of information, but one now in need of updating to the present. An excerpt of the book was published in Telegraph 31, p. 58-62.

Subjects: Reference

ISBN: 0-947730-05-2 (Ltd ed hb- 500 copies); 0-947730-06-0 (pbk- 2,700 copies).

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